WebLearn Module Request Forms

WebLearn Module Request Forms cannot be used to request the modules for the new Weblearn. Please use Module request for New Weblearn for Module Leaders instead.

The form is going to be out of service.

Weblearn Modules for the academic year 2011/12

Modules for the 2011/12 academic year can be requested using this form.

Module Availability: All modules that were added to the 2011/12 module operating catalogue by the deadline for this academic year were set up on Weblearn on the 22nd of June. Late requests will be available from the 6th of August. If your module has not been scheduled to run in 2011/12 yet, please contact the Systems Office to ensure that your module is timetabled correctly for this year.

Content: All 2011/12 modules were set up with as an exact copy of the last version of the module from 2010-11 as the content appeared on the 22nd of June 2010. Please check the 'Assign Content' section in the module form to verify the content that has been pre-assigned to your module. If you would prefer different content, you can specify the content you require by filling in the 'Assign Content' part of the 'Add Module' form

Students registered on a module will be able to access that module in WebLearn regardless of whether teaching staff has added content or requested access. Therefore it is important you use the form to gain access to all the modules you teach on in 2011/12 to ensure that students are not presented with empty or outdated WebLearn modules.

NB: Instructors, Designer and TAs are not automatically added to weblearn modules for the new academic year. All WebLearn modules or course sites will be rolled over for the new academic year and last year's modules will be archived towards the end of this academic year. If you have taught on a WebLearn module or course site in 2010/11 and you are teaching on the same module in 2011/12 you need to request a new WebLearn instance(s) of your module for 2011/12.

For more information on roles see www.londonmet.ac.uk/weblearn/staff/weblearn-user-roles.cfm

Cross-Listed Modules

Two types of modules will be automatically cross-listed this year: project modules and cross campus modules.
  • Project Modules run in different periods within the academic year.
  • Cross Campus modules run at both campuses in the same academic period.
For more information see www.londonmet.ac.uk/weblearn/staff/cross-listing.cfm